BLOW MOULDING mainly caters to requirements of packaging industries. Chemical Resistance, Migration Resistance, Quick Colour Development and Regulatory compliance like REACH, USFDA etc. are major industry requirements. Drums, Jerrycans, Bottles made for packaging used in the following industries  :

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Edible and Lubricant Oils
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics

We offer the following products to meet the industry requirements :

UniPLASTTM Black, White and Colour Masterbatches for HDPE and PP Blow Moulding.

GlasPLASTTM PET Masterbatches for TRANSPARENT PET performs.

OmniPLASTTM PET Masterbatches for Opaque applications of PET.

SpecialFXTM Masterbatches in Pearl, Metallic, Fluorescent etc. effects.

AddCONTM Additive Masterbatch packages like combination with UV Stabilizers, Anti-Oxidants, Impact Modifiers.

Quick Colour Development as per PANTONE, RAL or any reference sample.
Regulatory Compliance like Food Contact, Cosmetics, REACH and US-FDA.



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