INJECTION MOULDING covers a wide range of application industries including but not limited to :

Houseware, Furniture, Crates, Appliances, Automotive, Writing Instruments, Caps and Containers, Electric Switches and Accessories, Toothbrushes and Plastic Hangers.

We offer the following products to meet each industry requirements :

UniPLASTTM Masterbatches for Houseware, Furniture, Crates, Caps and Containers.

OmniPLASTTM Masterbatches for Engineering Plastics like ABS/PC/PA/PBT/PMMA for Appliances, Automotive and Electrical Goods.

GlasPLASTTM Masterbatches for TRANSPARENT products made from PP-R, GPPS, PC, PET, SAN, Tr.ABS.

SpecialFXTM Masterbatches for Houseware, Furniture, Caps and Containers.

UniCOLTM Dry Colours in various plain colours and special effects for Houseware, Thermoware, Kitchenware made from PE, PP, PS, HIPS materials.

OmniCOLTM Dry Colours for Engineering Plastics for Industrial, Automotive and Appliances.

OmniCompTM PreColoured Polymers in various Engineering Plastics for direct Injection Moulding.



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