OmniCompTM is a series of Engineering Plastics and Blends in Pre-Coloured Compounded form. In certain cases, it is more advisable to use Pre-Coloured polymer instead of masterbatch. Advantages include simple material handling, stable processing and better consistency. We offer wide range of pre-coloured polymers like ABS, SAN, PC, PA, PMMA, POM and their filled variants and blends.

We can match any sample or RAL/PANTONE colour as per customers’ requirements.

UniCompTM is a series of pre-coloured pulverized powders for Roto-moulding applications. Colouring during Rotaional Moulding is a lengthy and complex process. This is further aggravated when you have to take out samples or for small production runs in different colours. These compounds are most suitable for toys, crates and other such products.


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