VynaPLASTTM COLOUR series is suitable for PVC materials. There are two series of products under VynaPLASTTM COLOUR as follows :

VynaPLASTTM CaCOLOUR for Colouring of PVC Cables.
Under this series, we offer standard colours for PVC Cable Extrusion like Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. We also offer highly concentrated colour masterbatches for PVC cables. These masterbatches offer excellent colour strength even at very low dosage levels of 0.4%. By using such a low dosage, you can be assured of zero impact on the technical compound properties.
We also undertake custom colour development as per RAL shades or any reference colours.

VynaPLASTTM MicroCOLOUR for Colouring of Rigid PVC Material in following applications :

  • R-PVC Pipes
  • R-PVC Films
  • R-PVC Sheets
  • R-PVC Blow Molding
  • R-PVC Injection Molding


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